Nymphonic perform at 9:45pm.

In two (2) sentences, or less, describe your band.
We are a duo who plays electronic pop rock music. Some songs are serious, others are humourous, but we aim to create catchy tunes

As musicians are you very conscious of the direction your music takes?
We are conscious but we don’t care what direction we go in – our music is quite diverse so we aren’t concerned with trying to fit in to any particular genre or scene.

What can people expect to hear at the upcoming show?
They can expect to hear a mix of dance-worthy tunes and gothy self-indulgence, along with a couple fun tunes about bikes and hot chicks.

Who/what has inspired you as musicians?
Our favourite artists inspire us, particularly Love and Rockets (for Albert) and Metallica (for Jen).

How would you describe your experiences as an independent band over the past years? Have you experienced any major challenges and/or significant moments?
Life has been great – we have played successful shows around town and are currently in studio recording a CD.

Favourite restaurant in Toronto. Why?
Shanghai Cowgirl – great food, service, and atmosphere.

Favourite independent musician/band in Toronto. Why?
Cut Throat Kids are pretty cool.

What does the Summer/Fall of 2011 hold for your band? Any tours, recordings, special events?
We are recording a CD and playing various venues in Toronto.

How can people get more information on your band?
They can check out www.myspace.com/nymphelia or “Like” Nymphonic on Facebook.