woah! music Summer Concert Series begins Wednesday July 27 
at The Velvet Underground.

Doors open at 8pm.

Read about the bands that are performing and check out their music below.

Caution Children perform at 9:00pm.

As musicians are you very conscious of the direction your music takes? What can people expect to hear at the upcoming show?
Our primary direction is to make unique music,  in the best traditions of rock ever created, to wit of the 1960's. Sometimes we sound psychedelic, experimental, sometimes jazzy or bluesy, or even poppy (in the 60's sense of the word), but we try to make sure that each of our pieces is outstanding and memorable, even if stylistically it may resemble something created before.

Who/what has inspired you as musicians?
These would be mostly 1960's bands such as The Beatles or early Pink Floyd, Cream, Can, Faust, Ashra, Grobschnitt etc., as well as many classical composer, including Mahler, Stravinsky, Wagner, Hindemith etc. Believing that music's purpose, as a form of art, is to convey emotions and create a unique atmosphere, this inspiration we primarily derive from classical literary works.

How would you describe your experiences as an independent band over the past years? Have you experienced any major challenges and/or significant moments?
The major challenge is to get an audience that would be much interested in such music. Unfortunately nowadays, due to all the technology and information flooding the personal lives of individuals, as well as the decadence of most of the arts, compared to the 1960's there are significantly less people who are dedicated to listening music, and treat it more like a background noise to have while being occupied by some work.

If there was one musician that you could work with, who would it be and how would they be involved?
Even though some of our favourite musicians would be self taught rock or jazz artist, including such eisbergs as Paul Mccartney, Roger Waters or Jimi Hendrix, nevertheless a musician that we'd like to work with would be someone not only talented, but who also has a deep knowledge of music theory, and at the moment I would think of Sergey Prokofiev for such a position.

Albums you’re listening to at the moment.
Propaganda by Sparks, The Book of Taliesyn by Deep Purple, Alpha Centauri by Tangerine Dream and several more.

Favourite restaurant in Toronto. Why?
Food, being merely a physiological necessity, is not something worth considering. Thus any restaurant that serves tolerable food at tolerable prices is satisfactory.

Favourite independent musician/band in Toronto. Why?
Alaniaris. Their sound is very fresh but the same time quite profound. They combine old Greek tunes with some 60's sounding surf and jazz.

Is it just me or was “Role up the Rim” a huge hoax? I won nothing.
Hem... having some difficulty understanding the meaning of this enquiry...

What does the Summer/Fall of 2011 hold for your band? Any tours, recordings, special events?
We are to have a number of shows held in Toronto, and most likely we are to proceed with further recordings.

How can people get more information on your band?
We would be glad to share all the necessary information, which can be found on our myspace page, at www.myspace.com/cautionchildrentoronto or on our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Caution-Children/182832928446126