Any current vinyl collector will attest that coming across LPs these days is quite a hunt, an adventure. Some of us find our records at thrift stores, garage sales, curb sides, attics, or our relatives' basements. Others purchase LPs new, but that's really no fun!

This page is dedicated to showcasing our recent vinyl finds - where they were found/bought, how much it cost, memorable song titles, and any significant facts about the record.

The first record I selected is Rockets Red Glare. RRG are a post rock, hardcore band from Toronto that ignited momentum during the late 90's/early 2000. 

I frequently saw RRG drummer, David "Gus" Weinkauf in University College's Diablos, during my university days. He mentioned he was in a band but he never gave me the name of it. After graduating from UofT I coincidentally came across the music of RRG later realizing that "Gus", my coffee buddy, was in fact the drummer of the band. Immediately, I was draw to this sound, shall we say, created by no other sort of band. Like Borat, searching for his American blonde, bombshell "CJ", I was hopeless in thinking that I would ever be able to see RRG perform live as they had stopped playing shows by that time.

Wavelength 500 changed everything! On February 13, 2010 RRG reunited to play Toronto, and Montreal a week later, along side the Constantines, who performed their self titled album from start to finish. Vish Khanna of Exclaim! magazine noted that the RRG show was "one of the most anticipated reunions at WL 500 and was a flawless performance by the tightest unit to emerge out of southern Ontario hardcore".  I was able to meet with Gus, recognize one another from our university days, and tell him how thrilled I was to finally catch a RRG live performance.

A year later I walked into Rotate This and asked the guys working there if they ever saw copies of RRG's debut album. I got a simple "never"! Time passed and again I ran into Gus; I questioned him about located a vinyl copy of the debut album. He mentioned that he had a crate full of the records left over from their touring days! A couple weeks later I met up with Gus again and purchased three (3) copies of their debut album, released by Sickroom Records, for $30. 

It's not always about the music but rather the journey along with it.

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