woah! music presents ELEXTRA Saturday January 7 at The Drake Underground. Elextra is one of the first electronic bands we've ever booked and we're quite excited about it. Read the interview, check out some pics, and give a listen to their music.

performing on Saturday January 7, 2012 @ 10pm.
The Drake Underground.

In two (2) sentences, or less, describe your band.

Hi everyone we are Elextra (Cosmic JD and LuloLuv). A retro-futuristic blend of house, indie dance and nu disco sounds that can activate a dance-floor and aggrandize the souls of listeners.

As musicians are you very conscious of the direction your music takes?
We are constantly experimenting with new stuff, inspired by different sounds and grooves that catch the spirit of what our music is all about: Cosmic Funk. Originally when living in Brooklyn, NY, our productions and performances were mainly urban oriented with infusions of Dub, reggae and breakbeats, always adding on the electronic edge component. After relocating to Toronto, we started to focus on a more dance-driven sound, including drops of electronica, deep house and late-night psychedelia.

What can people expect to hear at the upcoming show?
The future meeting the past in a seductive celebration of music and life. Retro-electronic grooves, organically blended with analog elements such as guitar, vocals and synthesizers.

Who/what has inspired you as musicians?

JD: From Miles Davis to the Dub Masters of Jamaica in the 70's. Overall I have to say that black, latin and classical music have probably been the bigger influence and inspiration in my life, aside from the fact that I constantly get amazingly surprised and blown away with the result of electronic sound modulations with a tweak of soul.

LuloLuv: The opportunity to be able to explore and express yourself thru this universal language that is music. With the great advance of technology, having the chance to listen to new creations more often than usual inspires me to challenge and fulfill my musical needs.

How would you describe your experiences as an independent band over
the past years? Have you experienced any major challenges and/or
significant moments?
We were lucky to start in NYC where the independent scene has a great deal of support from venues and local artists, giving us the chance to constantly perform alongside newcomers and professional musicians. We held many shows at underground locations in Brooklyn, Queens and the Lower East Side in Manhattan. After moving to Toronto, we focused more in the studio, releasing some remixes and our Debut EP "Instead of One, Two" on Anusual Records which gained recognition and very positive feedback from international artists and media.

Our major challenge has always been to consolidate our sound into an original style, reaching a satisfactory high quality of production and live performance.

If there was one musician that you could work with, who would it be
and how would they be involved?
JD: I'd love to be involved with a dozen of great talented artists out there, especially because of the different perspectives they could provide. I have a weakness for sexy and trippy vocals so I would probably lean towards working with soul artists such as Sade or Portishead.

LuloLuv: Probably being able to work with similar duo producers such as Thievery Corporation, Daft Punk and Chemical Brothers. Trying to find more of an analog, funky and groovy flavour.

Albums you’re listening to at the moment.
JD: Apparat - The Devil's Walk and I always listen to the Massive Attack's No-Protection album remix by Mad Professor.

LuloLuv: Colombia! the golden age of Discos Fuentes.

Favourite restaurant in Toronto. Why?
Both: Banjara Indian Cuisine at Christie pits. Because they have a great blend of simple yet flavorful food and are conveniently close to our studio!

Favourite independent coffee place in Toronto. Why?
JD: Tequila Bookworm.

LuloLuv: Second Cup at Eaton Centre, although I don't know how independent they are.

Favourite independent musician/band in Toronto. Why?
We really like what the Toronto based labels No. 19 Music and My Favorite Robot are releasing. With Toronto artists such as Art Department, James Teej and Azari and III that have gained a huge international success.

Favourite card game. Why?
JD: Black Jack and drinking games.

LuloLuv: Poker

What does the new year of 2012 hold for your band? Any tours,
recordings, special events?
We are planning some tours in South America the first months of the year. We also have some new releases coming with collaboration of great remixers and plan to play many shows in Toronto, Montreal and NYC.

How can people get more information on your band?