The Darcys vs. Steely Dan 

I admit, if it wasn't for Wes Marskell I probably would never have wanted to name my golden retriever Aja. 

It's hard to believe that art rockers, The Darcys, have been inspired by 70's jazz rock Steely Dan amidst their feedback and homemade effects pedals. But it's true! The band is about to release their version of Aja come January 24. Fittingly, the new record will be released on translucent red vinyl!

The Darcys captured the attention of Rolling Stone magazine and in an online review Marskell rounds up some Kerouac prose to describe their version of Josie: "We loved the incongruity between Steely Dan's feel and lyrical content, but our goal was to subvert the original by undermining that polarity."

Listen to The Darcys' version of Steely Dan's "Josie".

Download The Darcys' album, released October 25, for free from their website.
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