woah! music is putting on lovely show this evening, Friday November 4, at The Velvet Underground. Here are a few words for The Infinity Intention, who will be performing tonight at 10:45pm. Doors open at 7:30pm.

In two (2) sentences, or less, describe your band.
Cautious, wild, beautiful and weathered.

As musicians are you very conscious of the direction your music takes?
What can people expect to hear at the upcoming show?

We are aware that our music moves in different directions. We play shoegazey-esque song, as well as blues/country alt folky songs all in one set.
Folks can expect to hear exactly that.

Favourite local band? Why.

Suitcase Sam and His Sectacular Two man band, which is 2plus people now, but they play one hell of a classical rag!

Who/what has inspired you as musicians?
Laura’s uncle taught her classical nylon guitar at age 12 and began was listening to Joni Mitchell, Patsy Cline, and Tori Amos and.. We come from diverse musical backgrounds. Andrew and Laura both shared a love for PJ Harvey and Diamanda Galas, bands, like Low and Portishead and Thomas notes Daniel Levoie as his mentor for example.

How would you describe your experiences as an independent band over
the past years? Have you experienced any major challenges and/or
significant moments?

We have had to really adapt to working around one particular songwriting style which can build roadblocks and crossroads, At this very moment, we have been talking about writing new material from the ground up using a variety of soundscapes this time.

If there was one musician that you could work with, who would it be
and how would they be involved?

Rick White. Why not just do a whole album of duets?!

Albums you’re listening to at the moment.

Hope Sandovil : Through the Devil Softly
Beach House- ITunes Sessions
Lord Huron: Mighty
Clara Engel: Secret Beasts
The Innocense Mission: Brotherhood of Man

Favourite restaurant in Toronto. Why?

Phoenix Pho on College. It has become the bands pre rehearsal fuel station.

Favourite independent coffee place in Toronto. Why?

Ti Aro in the east end. Super spacious.

Favourite independent musician/band in Toronto. Why?
Clara Engel. She is utterly and seductively haunting.

What does the Fall/Winter of 2011 hold for your band? Any tours,
recordings, special events?

We’ll be huddling into our studio and our homes to write new material. We shall emerge with the flowers, gig ready!

How can people get more information on your band?

Join our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Infinity-Intention/205818156107411
Or stay tuned to our website http://www.theinfinityintention.com/