One Divided perform at 11:15pm.

In two (2) sentences, or less, describe your band.
A hard-hitting power trio, with thought provoking lyrics, unforgettable hooks, and a powerful live performance.

As musicians are you very conscious of the direction your music takes? What can people expect to hear at the upcoming show?
Yeah, we always try to write a song better than the previous one. It could be similar or a bit different than others we have written, but we always strive to have that "rock-based" sound.  People can expect to hear some new material from us at the upcoming show, including a brand new single (soon to be released) called "Good Reasons".

Who/what has inspired you as musicians?
Many things inspire us. Whether it's music such as rock, punk music, world events, inner thoughts, pain, or love; it all comes into play when we write songs and perform them live.

How would you describe your experiences as an independent band over the past years? Have you experienced any major challenges and/or significant moments?
Well, it's like a roller-coaster ride. We have had ups and downs as a band, but that is only to be expected when you've been a band for a few years. But through it all, the touring aspect is significant because you start getting more fans and more people start knowing your music. That's a challenge that pays off.  As a band we have also recorded an EP and a full-length record; "Shape Your Life". We are also have a brand new recording project in the works.

If there was one musician that you could work with, who would it be and how would they be involved?
Billie Joe Armstrong. Just because he has an amazing ear for music and has lots of experience being involved in a three-piece band. We would probably use him for pre-production on a record. That would be unreal!

Albums you’re listening to at the moment.
Lots of different stuff from different artists. There's always something different that we're listening to. AFI, Breaking Benjamen, Green Day, Gob, New Pornographers, Sum 41, Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Alice In Chains, Rise Against...... the list goes on and on.

Favourite restaurant in Toronto. Why?
Ummm.... McDonald's... because they are EVERYWHERE. And you can a burger for like under 2 bucks. Now that's value! lol.

Favourite independent coffee place in Toronto. Why?
Anne's Coffee and Burlesque House?  Because it's a burlesque house... nuff said.

Favourite independent musician/band in Toronto. Why?
Don't really have a favorite per say, but we like a lot of bands with an alternative edge that come out of Toronto. Great stuff is always surfacing.

Favourite card game. Why?
Blackjack..... because we like to live dangerously. And because we like to pretend that we are actually in a casino... winning.

What does the Summer/Fall of 2011 hold for your band? Any tours, recordings, special events?
We have a lot to be excited about. Recording new songs, touring, opening for the Johnstones, and playing a show with Nazereth! Gonna be fun stuff!!

How can people get more information on your band?  People can Visit for news, music, videos, tour dates, and links to our other pages as well.