woah! music April Mix Tape

Hailing from Guelph and Toronto, Ontario, twin sisters Emma and Sara along with brothers (at heart) Mark, Liam and Patrick are the 5-piece called The Folk. Their new EP, "You Say, I Say" was released the day before winter, 2011. Evening Breath was first performed by The Folk at Hillside Festival 2010. 

White knuckle rock reggae fusion straight outta Toronto. Last Drag is the first single off The Good Rats Radio - EP No.1. 

Polished pop songs and stick-in-your-head hooks collide with loud distorted guitars and huge drums. Muse meets Coldplay and they both implode. Waiting For The Edge is the lead single from our debut EP (out May 2012), and Fade Chromatic's first official release. The music video for the song will be out this month. 

Air Marshal Landing’s quirky pop sensibilities teach their fans that it really is a good idea to grab your two best friends and start a band together. Their three-piece, but more like 10-instrument, family of clever songwriting and tight musicality displays an ability to write across a variety of genres while maintaining a sound that is uniquely theirs. Released as a standalone single in October 2011, 'Bourgeoisie' is a tight, dynamic case study of Air Marshal Landing's ability to marry poetic lyrics with straightforward, unashamed, pop rock and roll. The song will be featured on the band's upcoming debut LP, albeit in a re-recorded format.

The Noble Rogues - Incandescent
The Noble Rogues have been told they could drown out an orchestra. A four piece based out of Toronto, the Rogues are making rock n roll that's good for the soul. Featured on The Noble Rogues debut LP, Kin, which is available for digital download on noblerogues.com.

Snake & Crane are a three piece predominantly instrumental group applying their martial art and spiritual teachings to the musical NOW. That it finds itself expressed as Middle Eastern/Arabic inspired Post-Punk & Psychedelia [a cross between Gang of Four's 'Solid Gold album and 60's Turkish Psych/Beat comps.] is some sweet Baklava for the ears. 'Red' is a tribute to Bernadette "Red" O'Toole who is an integral part of Snake & Crane, selflessly bringing much fire to our jams/lives.