The Quest For the Real: The Junction Release New Studio Album Grievances

This blog would probably not exist if it wasn't for the Brampton music community and the quality of music that has come out of it. I attended a show in Brampton about six years ago and was thoroughly impressed with the community spirit and appreciation towards locally cultivated acts like moneen, Vulcan Dub Squad, Romeo Liquor Store, and The Junction. I walked away from that experience, inspired. That night I couldn't sleep. There were ideas floating around and the result was my personal realization that I wanted to bring "Brampton's" spirit and energy towards music to Etobicoke where I lived. Shortly after, the Etobicoke Music Scene was born and so was my love for local talent and putting on shows.

  *Photo courtesy of Sticky Magazine.

The music of The Junction embodies spirit, love, and community; everything that Brampton represented for me that night. The true test of a band, today, seems to be their ability to overcome challenges and somehow allow their music to be heightened by it. The Darcys are a perfect Toronto example of this. These challenges that "musicians" go through as individuals and as members of a band are the true test. Instead of complaining about something, one might ask "how is this going to inspire me?" Although a misleading album title, and the challenges they've faced over the years, the music of The Junction still embody and reflect these values of spirit, love, and community.

To quote The Junction: "The album closely trails an emotionally taxing episode for Brent Jackson, who ended a seven-year relationship right before the recording of the album and has since lived “homeless”, camping out on friends couches and living on the road. Though the experience heavily informed his songwriting, Grievances is not a “breakup record”. Instead, it’s a musical examination of universal human pathos in all its forms – brightness and love, but also detachment and heartbreak – a consequence of Jackson’s ongoing 'quest for the real'."

woah! music is proud to present The Junction Listening Party for Grievances on Saturday February 18 at Magpie (831 Dundas Street West).

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