Concert Review
The Pilot: Jan 13th, 2012
The Flow, The Capitol Beat, and The Thundermonks
Written by Greg Moffett

It doesn’t take much to imagine how funky and soul filled a show would be with band names like those. From start to finish it was a head bobbing, toe tapping, shake what your momma gave you type of night. The most difficult part of the show was not moving and grooving to the music (Why you wouldn’t beats me). All thanks to three tight, funky, soulful bands.

The first band up was The Flow. Instantly I was into the music, mainly due to the heavy, yet smooth groove created by the bass and drums. The front man, Berg Beauge, was very engaging both with the band and the audience. They played a set of none stop grooving that was the perfect first act of the night.

Next up was The Capitol Beat, who came out to an awesome intro with each band member being announced and coming out to the stage. As each member joined the stage they added their own part to a funky jam. Now feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, and craving more grooves (thanks to The Flow) the audience was instantly into the music. The Capitol Beat did not disappoint. With a tight brass and rhythm section (that included two percussionists), great song dynamics, and an incredible singer, Liam McArdle, it was as if they were directly connected to the best soul and funk from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

The Jazz/Funk/Pop/Blues infusion that is The Thundermonks was the final band of the evening. The crowd was dancing and grooving like there was no tomorrow. That could be due to the fact that everyone had come to see The Thundermonks. However, I like to think that it was because the audience had been blasted with such funk and soul all night that they couldn’t contain themselves any longer (after all it is detrimental to your health to hold in the funk). Even Liam McArdle from The Capitol Beat joined them for a song. The Thundermonks played a solid set through and through, as well as displaying what I can only describe as the best saxophone solo that I have been lucky enough to witness, courtesy of Nick Ferraro!

Overall this was an amazing night full of groove that went down smooth like a shot of buttery-caramel-cloud-sex. There wasn’t a headliner for the show…. There were three.

Thanks to The Flow, The Capitol Beat, and The Thundermonks.